Join Arts at the Palace on Saturday, September 28th at 7pm for Los Pleneros de la 21! The LP21 ensemble, an exceptional mix of Puerto Rican Folk Masters and professional musicians, are all united in their common cause to expose the importance of traditional Puerto Rican music, has pioneered the road for bomba and plena performance and is responsible for expanding platforms for continued performance, learning and the presentation of Bomba and Plena—paving the way for many other musicians who now share their stage.

LP21’s landmark community-based cultural and educational programs, such as Bomba and Plena Community Workshops for adult and kids, Bomba and Plena In the house for NYC school children, and Cultural Legacy Programs, have created a common space for the recognition, education and practice of Puerto Rican culture and identity. Their programs have educated thousands of individuals, young and old, and inspired dozens of performing groups and aspiring musicians to become leaders in their own right as they carry bomba and plena into the future for generations to come.

Tickets are $20 (adult), $18 (college student with valid ID), or $15 (youth).

Sponsored by Colgate University’s Department of Theater and the Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation.