Join us on Wednesday, February 22nd, at 7pm for a behind-the-scenes look and open rehearsal of “The Cabaret At The End Of The World”, Melody Bates’ sly, sexy, riotous ride through Julius Caesar. With music and lyrics by Rebecca Hart, the play affectionately burlesques Shakespeare and Ancient Rome while casting a sharply satirical light on the play’s themes and how they reflect our own times.

The scene: It’s the Ides of March and Caesar’s back in town. Sisters Flora and Fawna run the hottest club in Ancient Rome, regaling audiences with song, dance, and just the right amount of scandal. But with Rome on edge, satire can be a dangerous game. Will Caesar become Emperor? Will anyone become Emperor? Can democracy survive a Roman meltdown? —and just what does democracy mean if not everyone gets to participate?

This new play, originally commissioned by Opera House Arts at the Stonington Opera House, inverts – and subverts – classical tropes in order to shed new light on long-standing sociopolitical issues. Telling the events of Julius Caesar from the perspective of two women—two non-aristocratic women, at that—is in itself a political act.

It’s also very funny. Directed by Joan Jubett, The Cabaret At The End Of The World is a socially conscious comedy that asks us to consider whose experience matters. In a world where just over half the people are women, if we storytellers are not striving to restore balance, what are we doing?

The production team also includes Peter Szep (Musical Director), Liz Kurtzman (Costume Design) and Hettie Barnhill (choreography). Visionary NY-based company Hard Sparks is producing. The Cabaret At The End Of The World opens March 10 in rep with Bareback Ink at Manhattan’s IRT Theatre.

This event is free, and open to the public.