paris_monster will be joining the previously scheduled band Nina’s Brew for a doubly exciting evening!

paris_monster: Beat-driven. Employing heavy elements of funk and soul, paris_monster closes the gaps between synth-pop & garage; between modern detail and old-school grit. Solid earth. Soaring soundscapes. A mass of noise. Volatility. Vocal singularity. The Deli NYC calls paris_monster “a precise, complex and sophisticated mechanism” with “a monstrous instrumental technique”, delivering a sound that “could be the new face of American roots rock”.


Hailing from diverse musical backgrounds, Nina’s Brew is a melting pot of influence, genre, and talent. The trio features Giovanina Bucci on rhythm guitar and vocals, Mike Brewster on lead guitar and vocals, and Isaac French on vocals, piano, percussion and if the iron strikes, guitar as well. Their sound is rooted in blues and soul music, and also meanders the likes of R&B and rock. The distinctness of Nina’s Brew lies in their vocals, all three bringing an exceptional richness to the group, and creating space for each member to share the lead; each voice its own dynamic instrument. They integrate tight harmonies, heavy blues guitar shredding and can quiet the room to a hush or take it by storm.

Underground Live, sponsored by Chartwells, blends music, comedy, and culture to create a shared experience for our community. $10 per ticket. Show starts at 8pm.  Limited seating. Cash concessions will be available.