Due to COVID-19 guidelines, Arts at the Palace reimagined our annual event, Winter at the Palace, as an elegant, at-home gala experience featuring delicious gala-to-go menu options, beautiful tablescape inspirations, fun photo-sharing, and more. We are proud to present this special video featuring original music recorded for Arts at the Palace, highlights of our 2020 programs and past seasons, and heartfelt tributes from community members.

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Roger and Sue picked out their gala outfits early this year!


Gala Committee
Debra Forstenzer (chair), Deb Barker, Mary Galvez, Sean Nevison, Leslie Pasco, Andrew Powrie, Kendra Young

Friends of the Gala
Debbie and Steve Barker  |  Ruth Berry and Wanda Warren Berry in support of the 2020 Gala Musicians  |  Joanne and Tim Borfitz  |  Kathleen and Lucien Catania  |  Krista Ingram and Allan Filipowicz  |  Carol Iannitti  |  Harry and Donna Jarcho  |  Linda and Jim Leach  |  RuthAnn Loveless  |  Tim Mansfield  |  Rose and John Novak  |  Jane Pinchin  |  Mark and Rebecca Shiner  |  Amy Swanson  |  April Sweeney

Gala Donors
Roger and Sue Bauman  |  Thomas Brackett  |  Angela Carrizosa |  Margaret and Peter Darby  |  Debbie and Andy Forstenzer  |  Mary Galvez  |  David Hopper  |  Janet Little  |  Matthew Miller  |  Anne Mohin  |  Bruce M. Moseley  |  Jane Pinchin  |  Bernadette Stephanowski-Casscles  |  Jay and Janice Swain  |  Ferdinand von Muench  |  Bruce Ward

Gala Lead Sponsors

Gala Diamond Sponsors

Gala Bronze Sponsors