A Live—Virtual—Cinematic Theatre Play by Thaddeus Phillips. Designed by Steven Dufala.

¨Surreally Beautiful¨—The New York Times
¨Weirdly Enchanting¨—American Theatre
¨Spectacular¨—Miami Herald

What started as a passion project in the midst of a world-wide pandemic, has now become an international sensation showcasing theatre magic and a sense of global community from the screens of personal computers across planet earth.

Internationally acclaimed theatre director and artist Thaddeus Phillips invites you to the Zoo Motel, an inventive exploration of the possibilities of live virtual theatre and the magic of cinema.

Limited to only 25 audiences participants nightly, who check into virtual “rooms,” this wildly inventive exploration of the possibilities of live theater and the magic of cinema explores what connects us and is broadcast live and online from a small room in a village in South America.

Check into a magical motel room where time stops, mysterious and illuminating stories emerge from across the globe and analog objects take on their own potent meaning.

New York magician Steve Cuiffo has invented a series of interactive magic and illusions for this wholly unique evening of adventurous theatre about lost souls of the past, our global new reality and the possibilities for the future.

Arts at the Palace presents ZOO MOTEL from March 19-21 on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at 8 p.m. Tickets for each performance cost $25 per household (+$2.00 ticket processing fee). They are available at the show’s website www.zoomotel.org

As part of Arts at the Palace’s mission to expand the reach of the arts within the Central New York region, we are delighted to share this extraordinary experience with AATP audiences! All proceeds benefit Zoo Motel. For any technical questions during the show, please email checkin@zoomotel.org and you will also be able to ask questions in the chat box.

When you buy your ticket, you will receive a confirmation notice with this information:

Two or three days before the performance, You will receive an email with your ZOOM SHOWTIME CODE and PASSWORD as well as a PDF information pack from ZOO MOTEL. This pack will include:

  1. Your room key
  2. A Room Evacuation Map
  3. Motel Letter Paper
  4. Secret Set Element Art designed by Steven Dufala

Once PDF is received, PRINT OUT ALL ITEMS to be ready to check into the ZOO MOTEL.


You will need to acquire, by any means necessary, A DECK OF PLAYING CARDS for a side trip to Las Vegas.Thirty minutes before show time, Newton, ZOO MOTEL night clerk, will check you in.

For any questions or concerns email: checkin@zoomotel.org